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Saudi Residency At A Glance

Have a look at a few stats about Saudi Arabia’s residency program and its average cost.

The cost for Saudi Premium Residency is 800,000 Saudi Riyals or 213,285 USD.

This unlimited Premium Residency option provides individuals with permanent residency status in Saudi Arabia.

The per year residency or Saudi Green Card charge is 100000 Riyals or $26660.

For the limited-duration residence permit, Saudi Arabia charges cardholders 100,000 SAR annually. This is equivalent to around $26,660.

The average number of tourists in Saudi Arabia per year isĀ 16 to 20 million.

The largest number of inbound tourists in Saudi Arabia last year were from the Gulf countries at about 5.8 million people.

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Your Visa Eligibility in Saudi Arabia

  • The original passport is valid for no less than six months, with at least two successive empty visa pages.
  • To fill out your online application, please log on to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website at (Arabic) or (English version)
  • A visa referral note, indicating the number and date of the visa, issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs or either of its branches in Jeddah or Dammam.
  • Proof of kinship when accompanied by a family member: for spouses, a copy of the marriage certificate; for children, a copy of the birth certificate. The age of accompanying children may not exceed 18 years; accompanying daughters must be single.
  • A medical report in three copies, along with all lab results, and 3 passport-size colored photographs on a white background. The medical report must be issued by a licensed physician certifying that the applicant is free of contagious diseases. The physician must sign each copy of the medical report, indicating their license number and address. Medical reports must be no more than 3 months past the date of issuance.

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